“I take first-class flights everywhere. I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. I do it for you, really. Some of the flights I take cost £10,000, okay? And for £10,000, in a disaster, I expect the front end of the plane that I’m in to gently break off and float down to a desert island. It doesn’t. I’d go with the rest of you fucking losers. That’s not fair, is it?”
— Ricky Gervais (via eltigrechico)

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Spring has..sprung en #buenosaires

Carriage Behind Horse. #stayunique #oldskoool (at Remixable Art, T-shirts, Mobile Cases+)

Today you are more than before. Kill them with your love juice. #FuckTheLimits

Javier Perez aka Cintascotch

I´m happy to announce that Ecuador based Artist Javier Perez is now part of our JC family. His creations are just adorable. Don´t miss his story.


When I was about 14 years old, my literature professor organized a poetry competition and one of the requirements was that we had to use a pseudonym. I decided to use Cintascotch (“scotch tape”) because it had nothing to do with me. When the teacher announced the winner and said my nickname, we all laughed and I decided to keep using it. 

As a child I wanted to be a TV presenter. And I used to watch a lot of cartoons. I remember I created a comic book with all my drawings and characters. I made photocopies and sold the book to my family members. This was my entrée into the business world. 

Later on, I designed a magazine with Microsoft word and published it during the school year, and also sold it to friends and family. 




Whenever I have a creative block, I watch The Simpsons or Family Guy, and comedies. That inspires me a lot. 

I also revise my old sketches to find ways to innovate my old pieces. And I would have to say Isidro Ferrer, Brock Davis and ‘Red Hong Yi’ are my favorite contemporary artists.

What blows your mind?
The minimal ads.
What is the biggest surprise you had online?
Appearing in BuzzFeed! I got like 6k new followers in one day.
What is the best and the worst of the Internet?
I love discovering new artists and styles.
The verbal and visual cruelty of people sharing their points of view, scares me a lot.
Who would you say thank you to?
Christopher Jobson, editor of This is Colossal, for publishing my project. 


What about the future? 

I want to make a stop-motion film using only objects. I’ve had proposals from studios to animate my illustrations, so my dream could be a reality!
I would like to create a story around my illustration of the boy with the grapes.

And eventually, I would love for this film to be shown in international festivals. 



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Adverbs of degree by #lucigutierrez

Eye of… #stayunique

Future Juicy Artist : ‘Lil Lucho’ Luciano #stayunique (at Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires)