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A Must Watch Video

An agency posted a job listing for “Director of Operations”, which demanded at least 135 hours a week, no breaks or holidays and no money.

From millions of views, only 24 people 
applied. Watch their reactions. 

The Juice Behind the Canvas Sai Tamiya

Meet Sai Tamiya, a Japanese designer and illustrator who loves 
70’s disco. He’s just joined JuicyCanvas. Enjoy his story.

I remember when I was four or five I would play hide and seek with my friends. My favorite spot to hide was behind the curtain in the living room.  

My father was a high school art teacher and my mother also taught art to children in an art workshop. I would always draw pictures and create things, and that was an easy transition into design. Being exposed to art at a young age helped develop myself into an artist. 



I love visiting places for the first time, I love when everything is new. New scenery and sights blow my mind. 70’s disco and amazing jazz blow my mind as well.

In the last month, I had the best dream. I told a joke and it was so good that I woke myself up laughing. It is perplexing, however, because I am not able to remember the joke! I would love to tell someone the joke, if only I remembered it.

If I had to thank someone in my life, I would thank my dog Sari. She is always there when I need her, and she has healing powers.


In the future, I would love to keep illustrating and designing, however, I would like to take my creative activities abroad. My fears? I am deathly afraid of hairy caterpillars. 

Peep Sai’s Juicy Portoflio and remix/buy his work:



It’s never too late Part #2

What a great project!
It connects people with technology to empower them to do amazing things for the first time. 

Check this lovely 70-year-old nana on a roller coster for the first time. Made me think we should laugh more.. and out loud.

9 Common Pursuits That Rob Us of Happiness

“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.”

Happiness. We look for it in different places. Some of us hope to buy it. Some think we can earn it. Others look for it in a new job, a new relationship, or a new accomplishment.

But one thing remains: happiness is something we all desire. We were designed to experience it.

Why then, does it appear at times to be so elusive? How can a society search so desperately for something, but still struggle to find it?

Maybe it is because the pursuits we have set before us as a means to find it are actually keeping us from it.

Consider these 9 pursuits and how they may be distracting us from happiness. Each of them are common in our lives and in our world. But  rather than contributing to our happiness, they may be robbing us of it.

9 Common Pursuits That Rob Us of Happiness

1. Following the crowd. The crowd rarely has our best interests in mind. Instead, they seek their own benefit. Scientists call this crowd mentality. And more often than not, following the crowd leads to destructive behaviors rather than life-giving. We would be wise to seek input into our lives from other sources than the popular perceptions of the day.

2. Trying to please everybody. Bill Cosby said it this way, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” We are never going to please everybody. At some point, we will hold anunpopular opinion—one that gives us meaning and purpose and passion. And when we do, we ought to hold on to it desperately.

3. Chasing wealth. Studies confirm it over and over again: once our most basic needs have been met, money contributes very little to our overall happiness. And yet, we continue to pursue more as if it holds the secret key to lasting joy. But those who desire riches bring temptation to themselves and are often caught in a trap. Happiness is never the byproduct of chasing wealth.

4. Desiring a picture-perfect life. Happiness is not something we discover only after everything is perfect with our lives (our jobs, our appearance, our relationships). If that were the case, none of us would ever experience happiness. This world is imperfect—always will be. But happiness can still be found once we realize perfection is not a prerequisite.

5. Building our own kingdom. The size of our universe shrinks dramatically when we place ourselves at the center. Living selfishly for our own personal gain will never produce lasting happiness and fulfillment. Our lives are designed to be lived for something far greater. And only those who discover the hidden joy of living for others will find a happiness that truly lasts.

6. Entertaining distraction. Our world has become a constant feed of information, noise, and entertainment. Each distraction enters our mind with one goal: Gain control of our attention and resources. Those who sacrifice their resources to unlimited curiosity will never find the mental or financial capacity to become something greater.

7. Fighting for recognition. Searching for happiness in recognition is a losing endeavor. The world will never give you the respect or accolades you so desperately desire. They are all too busy fighting for their own. You will need to find it elsewhere.

8. Succumbing to fear. If given the chance, fear will always cripple. It will steal your life and potential. Living your fullest life will require courage in the face of fear. Sometimes you will fail. But be strong, most of the time, you will succeed—or become better because of it.

9. Searching for it around the next corner. Happiness is not something to be chased. It is a decision to be made. (tweet that)

And you have everything you need right now to choose it.

About Joshua Becker
Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

It’s never too late

Stunning Photos by Katerina Plotnikova

There’s no need to suspend your disbelief when viewing these stunning photographs – the exquisite images aren’t the work of Photoshop, but real-life interactions between humans and animals.

Russian photographer 
Katerina Plotnikova captured the breath-taking scenes with the help of two professional animal trainers.

Evoking a mythical, fairy-tale world, the images transport the viewer to a place outside of space and time. They are, in Ms Plotnikova’s own words, “another tale about wonderland”.





Art Fair Paris 2014



imagephoto by @marionlnt


imagephoto by @borisstajk

imagephoto by @borisstajk


The Juice Behind the Canvas Jaime Ugarte

"I think my utopia is being able to do what I love for a living. No specific place, but happy. Drawing and being able to share my love for art through my drawings." For some more fresh-squeezed Jaime, read on.


I had an amazing childhood. Being a very hyper kid, my parents tried to find new ways to keep me busy and calm. That’s where my love for drawing came from. Being with a pencil in hand was the only way for me to be zen. Growing up in Mexico City was pretty awesome and interesting.


Negative attitude is what drains my creativity. Sometimes it even comes from within. But I try my hardest to always have a positive attitude. I think, my biggest fuel is my love for pop culture. I’m always listening to music, watching movies or playing videogames. All those art forms fuel me and inspire me in many different ways.





What I love most about creating is that there are no boundaries. I could be listening to Peter Gabriel while drawing a giant robot. That giant robot could have a big sword or a really cool helmet. It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever your mind wants.

To Check Out Jaime’s Juicy Portfolio:


"Compared to America or Europe, God isn’t a big part of our lives here. I don’t know anyone here who goes to church when he’s had a rough divorce or is going through depression. We go out into nature instead."

Check out this lovely version of Bjork by JuicyCanvas Artist Miguel Cepeda.