Painted upside-down, ‘Narcissus’ is the new mural by Spanish Artist Borondo. The piece, located in London, moves along the water’s flow.

How To Pet Animals by blogger Adam Ellis

2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners 

MICHAEL ONEAL, San Francisco, CA United States – Animals

MELISA BARILLI, York, Ontario, Canada – Children


ADRIENNE PITTS, London, United Kingdom – Travel

JILL MISSNER Ridgefield, CT United States

AARON PIKE, San Francisco, CA United States – Trees

3 lovely pugs from California re-enact Game Of Thrones. Meet Roxy, Blue and Bono. (via)

Brazil 2014: A love & hate story
Street art seen during the world cup

San Francisco Airport at night

A Soldier getting a full-body Suntan. WWII

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The Juice Behind the Canvas: Marc Morera

I’ve just started a little project called Fifty Things I love and I invited our new juicy artist Marc Morera to submit his list. And even though the order is not necessarily by relevance, ‘Star Wars’ was first on the list. Enjoy his story.

image I was born in Barcelona, and now I’m living in Shanghai. I was searching for new challenges in my work. I’m graphic designer and this completely new visual culture is really exciting.

Life is very quiet here. There is a lot going on in the city but people are not much stressed. The food is really good but the weather sucks.
I live with my girlfriend and we started a blog to document our daily life.
This place surprises us every day, it’s great. 




My father showed me the Star Wars movies since I was 3 and I became a fan, instantly. When the films were released for the 20th anniversary in 1997, I was definitely fascinated by the mythology of the saga.

A year ago I thought it would be cool to make an Infographic about it.
I wanted to do it just for fun, as an exercise with no need of writing content and drawing too many characters. The result is and it was quite successful among the fans.

Now I keep drawing random characters that people request me on Instagram.
Can you list 50 things you love? 
1. Star Wars
2. Batman
3. Marvel superheroes movies
4. Stan Lee
5. Bruce Timm art
6. Kevin Smith movies
7. Robert Rodriguez movies
8. Wes Anderson movies
9. Tarantino movies
10. Back to the future
11. Comicbooks 
12. Flat design
13. Illustration 
14. Infographics
15. Animation
16. Character design 
17. Mobile apps  
18. Scify books 
19. Terry Pratchett books 
20. Orson Scott Card books
21. Walking Dead
22. Breaking bad
23. Game of Thrones
24. Sons of anarchy
25. New Girl 
26. Hannibal 
27. The big bang theory 
28. American horror story 
29. Sherlock 
30. Family Guy 
31. Bread with tomato 
32. Muscat 
33. Spaghetti pesto
34. Pizza 
35. Football 
36. F.C.Barcelona 
37. Sex 
38. Ping Pong 
39. Japanese culture 
40. Catalan music 
41. Chocolate 
42. Coffee 
43. Art toys 
44. freak shows 
45. graffiti 
46. Travel 
47. Bicycle 
48. Instagram
49. Beer
50. Spring weather
What are you afraid of?
Running out of time to draw.

What’s your dream?
To buy a horse for my girlfriend.

Peep Marc’s juicy portfolio and remix/buy his work

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